Nyamirambo Basket Weaving lesson

Nyamirambo Basket Weaving lesson, Take part of our tour and get involved in the basket weaving lesson as you try to understand the chemistry behind the entire process of basket weaving with some amazing women, as you enjoy your basket weaving lesson.

All around Rwanda one can see sisal basketry products. In this workshop, visitors are given a chance to try their own hand at the time-intensive and historically significant practice of basketry. The workshop begins with an overview of the cultural history of sisal, followed by an in-depth explanation of the process of from harvest to final product.

Participants then get a needle and – under the guidance of the expert women of the Center – begin weaving a small token of their choice to take home. The workshop concludes with a traditional local cuisine lunch made and served in the home of Aminatha, Nyamirambo Women Center’s best cook. Who as well teaches the traditional local cuisine cooking lesson.

There is a lot to see and buy, in terms of art craft, as you may have fallen in love with traditional local fabrics. You can as well join us in one of our other tours listed on the site, to spice your stay in Rwanda.

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